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You can move, rotate, or tilt an object so that it aligns with another object.

In the following example, two pairs of points are used to align the piping in 2D using the ALIGN command. Endpoint object snaps align the pipes precisely.


In 3D, use the 3DALIGN command to specify up to three points to define the source plane followed by up to three points to define the destination plane.

The first source point on an object, called the base point, is always moved to the first destination point.
Specifying a second point for either the source or the destination results in the selected objects being rotated.
A third point for either the source or the destination results in further rotation of the selected objects.
Tip: With 3D solid models, it is recommended that you turn on dynamic UCS to speed the selection of the destination plane.
Feature Article

• Online Theatre Course and CAD Blocks by David Ripley

A six part course in a theatre context covering the requirements of the ECDL – CAD qualification, each Part is divided into five Sections: Creation, Annotation, Presentation, Distribution and Customization. Click here to read more about the Theatre course.

CAD4Theatre has a number of free downloadable blocks that includes CCT, DHA, Strand and Robert Juliat. While these blocks won't have the attributes nor the special features they would as LD Assistant blocks, they can easily be used in LD Assistant. The programmers at Design & Drafting realized that users would want to be able to use blocks from other sources and include a New Object Wizard that takes any 2D or 3D block and turns it into a block that LD Assistant recognizes. Click here to download

Autodesk® NEWS
Coordinate, Analyze, and Review Designs with Project Group Members.

Autodesk® Project Bluestreak is a web-based collaboration environment for accelerating building information modeling through the open exchange of design information and ideas between desktop applications, web-based services and people. This technology preview is being tested in phases with limited functionality to seek customer feedback. Click here to learn more
Design & Drafting NEWS
LD Assistant 2010 Now Shipping

World leading Theatrical, Entertainment Lighting and Event Planning software company Design & Drafting today shipped LD Assistant Ac 2010 and AutoCAD® 2010 plug-in LD Assistant PL 2010 software. Its latest CAD products are optimized to help save time and money throughout the entire project lifecycle by adding features that improve efficiencies for Entertainment Lighting Designers and Event Planning.

"We've improved the speed and efficiency of going from a lighting plot to real-time visualization," said Rufus Warren. "By using only one CAD program to do plots, renderings, walkthroughs and pre-visualization, LD Assistant cuts cost and learning time."
We have added a host of new features in LD Assistant 2010 including a new user interface that uses ribbons to make the design process fast and easier (see above). The ribbon is displayed automatically when you click on a menu tab, providing a compact palette of all of the tools necessary to create your design. Ribbons contain many of the same commands that were once available on the LDA dashboard. For example, the Attach Light Data command that was once available on the LDA dashboard’s panel is now available on the ribbon; Light Data is located on the Lighting tab.

With this simple interface shown at left, LD Assistant users can create and modify the ribbon panels as they need.

The ribbon can be displayed horizontally or vertically. The horizontal ribbon is displayed across the top of the file window. You can dock the vertical ribbon to the left or right of the application window. The vertical ribbon can also float in the file window or on a second monitor.

For users who are more familiar with the classic LD Assistant menus (shown below) and prefer to use the drop down style, we have included a workspace switching button (shown at left) at the bottom of the drawing area .

Click here to see LD Assistant 2010's New Interface
LD Assistant 2010 Is Now Shipping

• LD Assistant Ac & AutoCAD w/LD Assistant PL CAD Training June 12-14
                              Visit InfoComm and stay for LD Assistant/AutoCAD Training!
           LD Assistant Las Vegas CAD training is being hosted by Pat Bash of In-House Production.
This hands-on training provides an introduction to the essential skills of using LD Assistant to create light plots. Attendees will discover the advantages of today’s object-based lighting design program: create a light plot using the built in tools and instrument data, generate paperwork, create real-time walkthroughs with video and audio playing back and more! click here for more information or to reserve your seat.
Featured LD Assistant Users Ben Marquardt & Ruben Kuster

At QConcepts, designers Ben Marquardt & Ruben Kuster create and design stage settings, projections and lighting looks. They develop material and equipment lists using LD Assistant. The German duo each handle the technical administration and programming on hybrid consoles. With LD Assistant, Ben and Ruben create photo realistic visualizations of their projects. Marquardt explains, " Due to consistent deepening of our knowledge and a continuously evolving partner network, we create realistic pre-visualizations within a very short period of time using LD Assistant. These renderings, scribbles or collages are not only nice to look at but show a visual mood which in fact can be translated into reality. We provide images that will convince clients without raising expectations neither of us could fulfill."

   • If you're having to import and export to AutoCAD DWG files, why not work with the original •
                            LD Assistant is the only Theatrical, Entertainment Lighting and
                                  Event Planning CAD program that's 100% AutoCAD DWG
InfoComm 2010 - Conference: June 5-11 Exhibition: June -11 Las Vegas -More than 32,000 professionals from 90+ countries are expected in Las Vegas. Make plans now to join your peers and colleagues this June and discover why InfoComm is the premier event for the AV industry. Click here to learn more
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