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   LD Assistant 2010
Advanced Rendering
The Render Setting palette contains the main controls for the renderer. You can choose from predefined render settings or make custom settings.

The RPREF command opens the Render Settings palette, where you set the parameters for rendering.
The Palette is separated into several sections ranging from basic to advanced settings.
The General sections contain settings that affect how your model gets rendered, how materials and shadows are handled, and how anti-aliasing is performed. (Anti-aliasing smooths the stairstep effect at the edge of curved lines or edges.)
The Raytracing section controls how shading occurs. The Indirect Illumination section controls lighting properties, how your scene is illuminated, and if global illumination and final gathering are processed.
There are also Diagnostic controls that can be useful in helping you understand why an image isn’t getting rendered as expected.






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LD Assistant Tool Palettes - Save and Share
You can save and share a tool palette or tool palette group by exporting it or importing it as a file.

You can save and share a tool palette by exporting it or importing it as a tool palette file. Tool palette files have an .xtp file extension.

Similarly, you can save and share a tool palette group by exporting it or importing it as a palette group file. Tool palette files have an .xpg file extension. In some cases, when you export a customized tool palette, an image folder with the same name as the exported tool palette is automatically created in the same location as the XTP file. This image folder contains the icon images used on the exported tool palette. The folder is created when you export a tool palette that contains any of the following items:

• User-created content tools
• Command tools that contain user-specified (custom) tool palette icons (images)

When you import a customized tool palette, this image folder must be in the same location as the imported XTP file in order for the icons to appear on the tool palette.

Tool palettes can be used only in the version of LD Assistant Ac in which they were created. For example, you cannot use a tool palette that was created in LD Assistant Ac 2010 in LD Assistant Ac 2008.

The default path for tool palette files is set on the Files tab of the Options dialog box under Tool Palettes File Locations.

Tool palette groups are saved in profiles.

Note: If a tool palette file is set with a read-only attribute, a lock icon is displayed in a lower corner of the tool palette. This indicates that you cannot modify the tool palette beyond changing its display settings and rearranging the icons.

Repair a Damaged DWG Drawing File
If a drawing file is damaged, you can recover some or all of the data by using commands to find and correct errors.

Repair and Recovery
When an error occurs, diagnostic information is recorded in the acad.err file, which you can use to report a problem.

A drawing file is marked as damaged if corrupted data is detected, or if you request that the drawing be saved after a program failure. If the damage is minor, sometimes you can repair the drawing simply by opening it. Otherwise, you can use the following:

Located under the menu File then the Drawing Utilities fly-out:
• Recover... Performs an audit on, and attempts to open, any drawing file.
• Recover drawing and xrefs... Similar to recover, it additionally operates on all nested xrefs. The results are displayed in the Drawing Recovery Log window.
• Audit... Finds and corrects errors in the currently open drawing file.

Example: Auditing Files
Auditing a file generates a description of problems with a drawing file and recommendations for correcting them. As you start the audit, you specify whether you want the program to try to fix the problems it encounters. The report is similar to the following example:
Auditing Header
DXF NAME Current Value Validation Default
PDMODE 990 - 2040 UCSFOLLOW 811 or 0
Error found in auditing header variables 4 Blocks audited
Pass 1 4 objects audited Pass 2 4 objects audited
Total errors found 2 fixed 2

If you chose not to correct the errors, the last statement changes to

Total errors found 2 fixed 0.

The output from a recovery audit is written to an audit log (ADT) file if the AUDITCTL system variable is set to 1 (On).

Recovery does not necessarily preserve the high-level consistency of the drawing file. The program extracts as much material as it can from the damaged file.

LD Assistant 2010
                                 • Better Predict What Your Event Will Look Like
A realistic rendering of a model can give a production team or prospective client a clearer vision of a conceptual design than a plotted drawing. Most drafting time is spent working on line representations of a model. On occasion, however, you might need to see a more realistic image involving color and perspective—for example, when verifying your design or when presenting a final design.
LD Assistant's Advanced Rendering Tools Produce Highly Detailed and Photorealistic Images
Ray-traced Reflections and Refractions: Ray tracing traces the path of rays sampled from the light source. Reflections and refractions generated this way are physically accurate.
Benefits of LD Assistant's Indirect Illumination: Indirect illumination techniques, like global illumination and final gathering, enhance the realism of a scene by simulating radiosity, or the interreflection of light in a scene.
Final Gathering: Final gathering is an optional, additional step used to improve global illumination (GI). It increases the number of rays used to calculate GI to smooth out and eliminate adverse lighting artifacts.

  LD Assistant is 100% AutoCAD DWG

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