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Featured NEWS
LD Assistant 2011 Release NEWS
When It's Your Design That's On The Line, Why Settle For Less Than The Best!
4   Design & Drafting is completing beta testing of LD Assistant 2011, the World Standard in Entertainment Lighting Design. This new release offers more FX to Entertainment Lighting Design and Event Planning than any other CAD program on the market.

Other companies claim to push the boundaries of CAD, but we must ask, do they have 3D Audio, LED Screens, Fireworks, Smoke, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Real-Time Video Playback or a built-in Real-Time Visualizer so you can connect your console to the CAD program?

With LD Assistant you get NO HYPE, only real tools to help you win more jobs.

"If you can find a CAD program that has all the same features that LD Assistant offers for under Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000), we will buy it for you," says Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting.
Fifteen Reasons to Buy LD Assistant 2011
1 1) Improved Rendering Process and New Rendering Window
The new rendering dialog includes more useful settings and a new rendering window that ensures speed, better results and better user control of the rendering process.

2 2) Improved Animation Process and New Camera Path Animation
The new Animation dialog includes more features and settings. Now you can define animation scenes and set camera moving path, time, speed and more to ensure great results.

3 3) New Pyrotechnics Effects on Objects
Put new pyrotechnics effects on any curve like lines, circles, polylines or splines. Set emitters as sphere or stream, set options like time, colors, angle or radius to obtain breathtakingly cool results in rendering, visualization and animation.
4 4) New LED Surfaces
Use any Image, AVI and WMV movie to transform any extruded surface into an LED matrix. Set size, sharpness, brightness and color contrast to design your needed LED surface for render, visualization and animation.

5 5) New Video and 3D Audio Engine for Better Performance
Use the new video and audio engine based on DirectX to better design your projectors, fixtures and audio cabinets. Simulate your design using 3D sound. Play any used or generated image, video and audio file using the new LD Assistant Media Player.
6 6) New Smart Custom Entities like CurveText
Use smart custom entities like CurveText to annotate your drawings.

7 7) Improved Atmosphere & Lens Effects
You have now different dialogs to set Atmosphere and Lens Effects. Volume light rendering is faster and more realistic including noise and turbulence. Your effects now have a preview dialog for better design.

8 8) New Real-time Simulation for Water and Cloth
Transform any planar surface to water objects with reflection, refraction and ambient rendering.
Transform any extruded surface to a cloth object and simulate it in the wind conditions.

8 9) New Real-time Shadow Effect Simulation
Set shadows property to any light fixture. Set scene objects to receive or cast shadows from all or selective lights.

8 10) Editable Production Objects Geometry
You can now edit any geometrical property of production objects including fixtures, truss, table and chairs, risers or racks.

8 11) Improved Smart Cables
With improved wires and cables you can now set more properties, associative labels and edit their geometry by drag and drop using the grips.

8 12) Improved Object Utilities
Multiple object utilities options can be now applied to multiple blocks and multiple attributes from a single command.

8 13) New DMX Connections with GrandMA and Flying Pig consoles
Now you can use the power of LD Control simulation with GrandMA and Flying Pig consoles using the new implemented DMX drivers.

8 14) New DMX Profiles Editor and DMX Patch Editor
Now you can use the DMX Profiles Editor as a separate command and also as a feature of Lighting data dialog. The new DMX Patch editor allows you to quickly assign the light from the drawing to DMX channels.

8 15) Improved User Interface
The new ribbon interface together with the new LD Assistant Tasks dialog allows you to quickly find and call any LD Assistant command and option.

Pre-Order LD Assistant 2011 and Save $300.00 On New or Upgrade Versions
Pre-Order and reserve your copy of LD Assistant 2011, the most advanced Lighting and Event CAD program ever offered! When you pre-order, your credit card will NOT be charged until the program is shipped. LD Assistant 2011 is slated for release before July 30, 2011. Be the first to have this superior program ORDER NOW.This offer is ONLY good until LD Assistant 2011 starts to ship.
Click here to pre-order LD Assistant 2011 and SAVE $300.00!

FREE CAD Blocks For July
Created in LD Assistant by Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting. Download them and enjoy courtesy of Design & Drafting. Click on the picture below to download. Don't own LD Assistant? Visit LDASSISTANT.COM to learn more about this revolutionary CAD program.
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Featured LD Assistant Rendering
If a picture is worth a thousand words... then here's a few thousand!
Special thanks to Kevin Denzel for allowing us to show some of his work. Renderings are copyrighted © by Kevin Denzel.

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