June 2011
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Release NEWS
When It's Your Design That's On The Line, Why Settle For Less Than The Best!
Design & Drafting is completing beta testing of LD Assistant 2011, the World Standard in Entertainment Lighting Design. This new release offers more FX to Entertainment Lighting Design and Event Planning than any other CAD program on the market.

Other companies claim to push the boundaries of CAD, but we must ask, do they have 3D Audio, LED Screens, Fireworks, Smoke, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Real-Time Video Playback or a built-in Real-Time Visualizer so you can connect your console to the CAD program?

With LD Assistant you get NO HYPE, only real tools to help you win more jobs.

"If you can find a CAD program that has all the same features that LD Assistant offers for under Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000), we will buy it for you," says Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting.

LD Assistant Ac11 has a list price of only $2,895.00 USD.
LD Assistant 2011 - Pre-Order LD Assistant 2011 and Save $300.00 On New or Upgrade Versions
Pre-Order and reserve your copy of LD Assistant 2011, the most advanced Lighting and Event CAD program ever offered!
When you pre-order, your credit card will NOT be charged until the program is shipped.
LD Assistant 2011 is slated for release between June 15 and July 15, 2011. Be the first to have this superior program ORDER NOW.
This offer is ONLY good until LD Assistant 2011 starts to ship.
Click here to pre-order LD Assistant 2011 and SAVE $300.00!

               * LD Assistant 2011 Release News *
                                         * LD Assistant 2011 Release News *
                                                                   * LD Assistant 2011 Release News *

New Features and Enhancements in LD Assistant 2011
3D Environment
For over twenty-five years, Design & Drafting has pushed the boundaries of CAD with the most advanced features found in any Entertainment Lighting Design program. With the release of LD Assistant 2011, Design & Drafting has once again raised the bar for other CAD programs to emulate. The completely seamless 2D and 3D worlds of LD Assistant make it the most powerful Entertainment Lighting Design program available.
3D Tools - Too many 3D tools to show here! Click on a picture below to see a short movie of a few of our 3D tools.
a b c d e f g h i j k l
Blend Editbar Extend Extrude Loft Network Patch Project 2 Project U Project V Rebuild Revolve
3D Audio - The Cool Factor
snd1 Walk your client around in a fully rendered environment with 3D audio. As you walk from one side of the room to the other side, you will hear the change in audio level. Walk from the stage where you hear the speaker or band playing to the back of the room and hear people talking ... or walk from one room into another and hear different music playing. When it come to the WOW FACTOR, LD Assistant is the ultimate CAD program. The options are endless!
Click here to see and hear a demo. Design & Drafting pushes the boundaries of CAD once again!
LED Video Screens - Way Cool
snd1 With an easy-to-use dialog box, users can control how a movie is being played back on any screen or block.
Now for the first time you can walk your client through the show with LED screens. With LD Assistant's LED VIDEO you can control LED Cell Size, LED Cell Gap, Edge Sharpness, Color Brightness, Color Contrast, LED Luminance or you just use the Default Data. Designers can also assign a LED playback to a lighting fixture as a gobo, and see the movie play during a walkthrough or moving creation.
Pyrotechnics - Breathtakingly Cool
f1 Because wooing clients is more than plucking down a 2D drawing, Design & Drafting has added Pyrotechnics to LD Assistant 2011. With the click of the mouse, designers now can show their clients what an event would look like if pyrotechnics were added. By giving your customers more real-time walkthrough visuals, your company will offer more than your competitor's 2D drawing. Once you and your client decide on a design, LD Assistant 2011 - using the same drafting tools used by 9,000,000 designers - will produce the cleanest 2D drawing on the market.
A simple dialog box sets the height of the rockets and the size of the sphere radius. Click here to see a demo
Curved Text - Rather Cool!
Place text along a polyline, rectangle or circle. Draw a polyline and click on the curved text tool and type away. LD Assistant 2011 adds an easy-to-use dialog box to simplify the job of added curved text to your drawing.
GrandMA Console Support
LD Assistant 2011 is an ALL-IN-ONE CAD program, and we have added the MA Lighting GrandMA protocol to LD Control. LD Control sends and receives DMX or SACN. With built-in Ethernet and USB support, LD Assistant again leads the way in CAD for lighting design. Includes support for Art-Net, ENTTEC, Pathport and SACN.
New High End Animation
Draw a polyline and LD Assistant will roll the camera, recording video along the path. Designers can also have the camera point at an object as the camera rolls along a path, capturing the lighting, video and pyrotechnics effects.
* Click here for a quick demo *
LD Assistant Now Open For 3rd Party Plug-ins
Design & Drafting has opened up LD Assistant to allow Plug-ins to run inside one of the most advanced CAD programs in the world using LISP. LISP is based on the LISP programming language, which is simple to learn and very powerful. LISP applications are stored in ASCII text files that you can edit. Before you can use an LISP application, it must first be loaded. You can load LISP routines each time you run LD Assistant 11. Click here to start learning more about programming in LISP. Create and sell your LISP plug-ins at LDAssistant.com.
Visit cad4theatre and download your first two LISP programs free of charge; one will rotate attributes, and one will perform channel sequencing. Each are courtesy of David Ripley.
LD Assistant's DWG NOW On iPhone, iPad & Android
Open, Edit and Save Using WS Mobile App on iPhone, iPad or Android. View, edit, draw and markup LD Assistant DWG files. The next time you're on site and need to make changes to your plot ... just open your iPhone, iPad or Android. Make measurements, add text or draw using the built-in toolbar. You can share drawings with other WS App users for online viewing, editing, and downloading.
Too Many NEW Features To Include In This Newsletter!
Pre-Order Your Copy Of LD Assistant 2011 NOW AND SAVE!
Find Out Why More Designers Are Making The Switch To LD Assistant

Featured LD Assistant Rendering  
If a picture is worth a thousand words... then here's a few thousand!
Special thanks to Kevin Denzel for allowing us to show some of his work. Renderings are copyrighted © by Kevin Denzel.
FREE LD Assistant DWG CAD Blocks
Created in LD Assistant by Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting. Download them and enjoy courtesy of Design & Drafting. Click on the picture to download. Don't own LD Assistant? Visit LDASSISTANT.COM to learn more about this unbelievable CAD program.
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