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LD Assistant Pyrotechnic Effects
Ever wonder what your design would look like with Pyrotechnic Effects?
Now for the first time ever, designers can add Pyrotechnic Effects. "We are very proud of this innovation," says Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting.

After drawing a circle or a polyline, click on Pyrotechnic Effects under the visualization menu. That will open the Insert/Edit Pyrotechnic Task dialog.

Once opened, you can decide if you want smoke/fire or rocket effects. If you want the fire effect click on No. 1. Clicking on a circle or poleyline will turn the circle or poleyline into a FX block. After turning the circle or poleyline into a FX block, you would then click on No. 3 to edit the stream.

View the effects in LD Rendering, Animation or Control.
fire rocket
3 tk2

LD Assistant Task Tip
Using the LD Task will make it easy to remember the different options in LD Assistant 2012. In the picture below the green arrow is the short cut to opening the task manager.
Once the general task dialog is opened you can select any of the lighting and visual commands.
LD Assistant 2012 ARRAY Tip
To use the old array dialog box, you need to type on the command line: ARRAYCLASSIC
Did You Know
LD Assistant 2012 is the only CAD program that has 3D Audio. Designers can attach audio files to a sound cabinet and hear the audio playback while walking through their designs - just walk into the cone. Each speaker can have a different MP3 file attached to it.
And LDA 12 is the only Entertainment Lighting Design, Visualization & Event Planning Software with Wire & Cable. Track your: • Cable Length • Cable Price • Cost Per Foot • Cable Name • Cable ID • Position of Cable • From Location •To Location • From Plug Type • To Plug Type and more all in a single built-in Spread Sheet!

Featured LD Assistant Rendering by Sean Tarantino
FREE CAD Blocks For March 2012
Download and enjoy courtesy of Design & Drafting. Created in LD Assistant by Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting. Click on the picture below to download. Don't own LD Assistant? Visit LDASSISTANT.COM to learn more about this revolutionary CAD program.
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BlueWater Upgrades Detroit Pistons' Home
Detroit Pistons' Owner Tom Gores invests in upgrading the Palace of Auburn Hills in an effort to build an all-star team. After purchasing the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports in April 2011, Tom Gores began upgrading the facility in an effort to attract free agents and maintain a first-rate entertainment venue. Longtime audio and visual partner, BlueWater Technologies played an integral part of the renovation with innovative audio visual systems throughout the players' lounge, locker rooms, practice facility, and coaches' offices. BlueWater provided guidance and customized technological solutions that best suit the venue. Click here to keep reading

Autodesk News
Autodesk ForceEffect - draw, constrain, using free body diagrams, simply tapping objects to select, move, rotate and scale, real time solving, immediate feedback, Steve Bedder, Autodesk Manufacturing Northern Europe

Autodesk ForceEffect is a new free app available for Apple iPad from the iTunes App Store that allows engineers to draw, constrain and simulate concepts using free body diagrams by simply tapping objects to select, move, rotate and scale. Real time solving capabilities provide immediate feedback on the performance of a design, enabling users to bring engineering to the point of the problem, whether they’re out in the field, at the office or in the class room.

Transparent 3D Desktop - If you’ve ever been at an all-you-can-eat buffet and started playing with the mash potatoes beneath the sneeze guard, dreaming of the future, you’ll be overjoyed at the 3D display tech coming out of Microsoft Research. It has nothing to do with mash potatoes (yet) but it does seem there are no bounds to what can be done with a Kinect device these days. We’re inching toward more interactive design environments and this new prototype 3D display from the Applied Sciences Group is yet another example of where display tech may be heading. Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger of the Microsoft Labs Applied Sciences Group are using a transparent Samsung OLED screen and Microsoft’s Kinect technology to explore the depth perceiving possibilities of a 3D interface.
Explaining AutoCAD WS to Your Friends by Daniel. In the last 12 months users have registered over two and a half million accounts with AutoCAD WS. Even with millions of drawings being uploaded to AutoCAD WS, I believe that we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of potential users of AutoCAD WS. So my question is how do you explain AutoCAD WS to people who haven’t experienced it yet? Here are some of the things we imagine people who are unfamiliar with WS are saying.
Pole tracking, activation of line tool, creating/tracking different angles, selecting different angels, YouTube
Rectangle command, activation of home tab tool helps in forming it more precisely, selecting dimensions, specifying position, width
Ortho Mode appears at 90 degree corner, right click on it to select display to activate it, helps in snapping movements to 90 degree
Make Hatching in AutoCAD Easy - creating user-defined hatch patterns using HATCH commands, customizing hatches, Ellen FinkelsteinHatching can sometimes be frustrating, so I’ve collected a few hatching tips together, including links to other tips. Think of the collection as your personal hatching helper. In case you don’t know, a hatch is a pattern of lines and dots that fills an enclosed area.
How to Turn Off Layers in Your AutoCAD PDF Plots - by Paul Munford, Between the Lines
I’m a big fan of the new plot to PDF feature that came out with AutoCAD 2010. The PDF’s AutoCAD creates are small and include benefits such as searchable text and Layers… But what if you don’t want to include your Layer table in your PDF plots? How to turn off Layer export for DWG to PDF – Plotting
Make Your Mouse Work Harder - customizing button configuration to perform AutoCAD-related functions, Micro Concepts
We recently had a support query from one of our customers, with regard to setting the extra buttons on their new shiny Microsoft mouse to operate AutoCAD functions, helping to speed things up. We thought this was a useful workflow, which others may not have found yet, so thought we would share the details.

Hardware for the CAD Professional
The Difference Between a Workstation and Consumer-Grade PC for CAD - by Alex Herrera, CADspeed.
What’s the difference between a workstation or consumer-grade PC, and why should you care? Well, ten to fifteen years ago, no one had trouble distinguishing between one and the other. Workstations were very expensive, high-performance, proprietary, 3D-equipped RISC or UNIX boxes. PCs were lower-cost, lower-quality toys that couldn’t handle 3D. But all that has changed. Click here to keep reading
NVIDIA Maximus Revolutionizes the Workstation - Breakthrough Technology Delivers New Era of Speed and Productivity for Millions of Design and Creative Professionals. After 25 years of design and creative professionals anticipating a workstation that simultaneously performs complex analysis and visualization, NVIDIA announced today its arrival, with the introduction of NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology. The new offering unleashes productivity and creativity, dramatically accelerating work by enabling a single system for the first time to simultaneously handle interactive graphics and the compute-intensive number crunching associated with the simulation or rendering of the results. These previously needed to be done in separate steps or on separate systems. Click here to keep reading
NVIDIA Maximus Unveiled:A Mini-HPC System in a Desktop Box By Kenneth
When you think of a high performance computing (HPC) system, you might envision a series of rack-mounted servers housed in a climate-controlled room. It’s the parallel-processing Goliath that the entire company relies on for heavy-duty simulation jobs, like finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Now, NVIDIA is introducing what amounts to a mini-HPC system inside a workstation — Goliath’s enviable strength in David’s nimble form. Click here to keep reading

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