LD Assistant Wire & Cable
With LD Assistant's NEW Wire & Cable you can track:
Cable Name    Cable ID/CID   Position of Cable  
From Location    To Location  • From Plug Type  
To Plug Type   Cable Length   Cable Price  
  Cost Per Foot    All Trackable in a Spread Sheet

After drawing a few polylines as cable runs in 2D or 3D

1) Under the production menu click on Wire/Cable.
2) When the Cable Methods dialog window opens, click on No. 2 Create Cable Block from Curves.
3) Click on the polylines to create a cable.

Note: you can add or remove cables runs as needed.

To edit or add data to the Wire/Cable
1) Under the Lighting menu, click on LD Task.
2) When the General Tasks opens, click on Manage specific objects.
3) When the Data Tasks opens, click on Wire and Cable Data.
4) To view and/or edit in a Schedule and place the data on the drawing, under the Lighting menu, click on Schedule and select the cable to be edited.
5) Click OK, and the Schedule will show up at the bottom of the drawing.

The schedule can also be displayed on the drawing and will appear on your plot!

Featured LD Assistant Rendering by Kevin Denzel

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SAN FRANCISCO--You may not know CAD, but if you've got a computer, you can now start creating 3D models.
That's the idea behind 123D Catch and 123D Make, two new free software applications that Autodesk is planning on releasing on Monday. The two programs join the company's existingiPad app, 123D Sculpt, as part of a family of tools that are intended to give just about anyone the ability not just to make their own 3D designs, but also to get them produced as real, physical models.
Amazing Autodesk Apps Will Let You Capture, Assemble Your Own Art by Mark Hachman PCMAG.COM
Autodesk said Thursday that it would ship two free downloadable pieces of software next week that will allow users to easily create 3D objects from photos, and then actually make them, using templates printed on cardboard. The Autodesk 123D Catch and 123D Make apps will complement Autodesk's existing 123D software, originally designed as a way to create 3D models that could be fabricated either by businesses for prototyping, or by a growing number of DIY fabrication facilities geared toward the hobbyist, like the TechShop facilities in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

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