LD Assistant 3D Audio
Ever wonder what it would be like to walk around in your design space, and actually hear the audio coming out of the individual speakers? Now you can - the programmers at Design & Drafting have added 3D Audio to LD Assistant. For the first time ever, you can 'walk' from one area to another and hear different audio coming out of the speakers in your CAD program. "We are very proud of this innovation, and are working diligently so that any audio source can be attached to any speaker in the drawing," says Rufus Warren of Design & Drafting.

Under the light drop-down menu, look for and click on Data. When the fly-out opens, click on Sound Equipment Data. When the Attach Data to Sound Equipment opens (below) use the browse button to navigate to a MP3 file and click on to attach it to the speaker.

Add your data in the dialog below and have it show in a sound schedule, or you can make the chages in the schedule.

To hear the audio playback while walking through, just walk into the cone. Each speaker can have a different MP3 file attached to it.
attach   snd2

LD Assistant Texture Tip
The first time you install LD Assistant , you will need to set the path to the new texture libraries. To do this, look under the lighting tab and click on the LD Options icon. When the LD Option dialog opens, look at the bottom of the dialog and click on Update Support and Textures File Search Path. This will set the path to the new libraries and other paths that are needed to display advanced renderings and movies.
Did You Know
LD Assistant is the only Entertainment Lighting Design, Visualization & Event Planning Software with Wire & Cable? Now for the first time ever designers can track: • Cable Length • Cable Price • Cost Per Foot • Cable Name • Cable ID • Position of Cable • From Location •To Location • From Plug Type • To Plug Type and more all in a single built-in Spread Sheet!

Featured LD Assistant Rendering by Andrew Mackay
Autodesk News
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AutoCAD WS is one of the many new cloud services offered by Autodesk. It allows users to upload and share drawings with anyone around the globe. No need to send large email attachments or upload to FTP sites. AutoCAD WS works with the following devices:
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Hardware for the CAD Professional
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