LD Assistant Fixture Information
By placing the curser over any fixture, LD Assistant will pop-up an information window that shows the: Position, Unit Number, Fixture Name, Channel, Dimmer, Circuit, Gel Color, Iris/Gobo and the Candle Power.
When placing the curser over the cone, LD Assistant will pop-up an information window that shows the: Beam in degrees, Field in degrees, Beam Size(B.W.), Field Size (F.W.), Distance from the fixture to the target, Intensity and LD Assistant will also calculate Foot Candles through the gel.

LD Assistant Tips
DWG Convert Tip
LD Assistant 2012 includes a very useful DWG Convert, which enables the user to translate DWG files to any of the following DWG versions: R14, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Single or multiple files may be converted, making it useful for batch conversion of older files to the latest release. To access the DWG Convert, go to the Application Menu (Red LDA, top left corner) > Save As > DWG Convert. In the DWG Convert dialogue box, you can specify the DWG files to be converted, save the list for future use, create new lists and open/append existing lists. Additional options include Purge Drawings, Replace Page Setups and Check and Fix Errors. You can save multiple Conversion Setups, enabling you to easily restore a specific set of conversion properties.
Materials Tip
You can add materials to objects in your drawings to provide a realistic effect. A material’s settings create its physical properties. The Materials tool palette in the Tool Palettes window provides a large number of materials already created for you. You use these material tools to apply materials to objects in a scene. You can also create and modify materials using the Materials window. The Materials window offers many settings to modify properties of the material.
To map a material to an object start by using the LD Materials icon found under the visualization dropdown menu. The LD Materials tool will map a texture to the size of the object. This can be very useful when mapping doors, walls and floors.


Adjusting the Materials
1) Under the dropdown menu Tools, open both Materials Browser and Editor. (Picture 1)
2) Click on the Materials to be edited. (Picture 2)
3) In the Materials Editor double click on texture image (picture 3) to open the Texture Editor.
4) Adjust the material scale in the Texture Editor. (Picture 4)
Did You Know
* LD Assistant has an easy to use interface that is used by over 9,000,000 CAD users around the world.
* LD Assistant is the only CAD program that has 3D Audio. Designers can attach audio files to a sound cabinet and hear the audio playback while walking through their designs. Each speaker can have a different MP3 file attached to it.
* LDA 12 is the only Entertainment Lighting Design, Visualization & Event Planning Software with Wire & Cable. Track your: • Cable Length • Cable Price • Cost Per Foot • Cable Name • Cable ID • Position of Cable • From Location •To Location • From Plug Type • To Plug Type and more all in a single built-in Spread Sheet!

Featured LD Assistant Rendering by Kevin Denzel

What is Autodesk WS?
With WS your clients don't need a CAD program to collaborate with your design team... a web browser is all that is needed!
1) Create an FREE account
2) Upload your LD Assistant drawing
3) Invite your clients to join you and your design team in an email link
4) You and your clients can both manipulate the drawing
5) Open a web browser and start working and sharing your ideas
Win More, Do More with Design & Drafting's LD Assistant 2012 and WS
Below are a few screen shots of the internet based user interface.

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